Who are we?

‘Market Me’ is an Events and Marketing company that specialises in business growth via field marketing, promotional ventures, flyer distribution, in-store, road shows and outsourced staffing.

We have a fresh and innovative approach to marketing, acting as a liaison between the end user and the client.

Our team are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands on experience thereby ensuring that our clients receives the most effective and professional experience.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer services, increase flexibility and add greater value thus optimising customer satisfaction, and to become a World renowned events and marketing ambassador.

In order to meet individual needs of clients and provide proficient feedback, ‘Market Me’ boasts an array of qualifications and knowledge. We excel in Marketing and Management.

The founders are housed with a wealth of knowledge and abundance of organisational know-how’s together with experience both national and international, thus gaining first world marketing exposure.

Our services entails market research of similar brands, creating  incentive plans for customers to take to our product/brand, informing and educating consumers on the benefits of the product, conducting comparisons with related brands, on price, quality and customer satisfaction.

As experts in the marketing field we pride ourselves with our proven track record, and effectively concluding multiple events. This was made possible by calculated responses within the budget restrictions and time schedules.

Our extensions and greatest assets are our vibrant and talented brand ambassadors, tailoring to the clients every specification, addressing and making each event triumph. Dressed in branded gear, our promoters will embrace your product, adding that personal stroke.